The evolution of networks of innovators within and across borders: Evidence from patent data

A. Morescalchi, F. Pammolli, O. Penner, A.M. Petersen and M. Riccaboni

Research Policy (2014)

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Reputation and impact in academic careers

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Inequality and cumulative advantage in science careers: a case study of high-impact journals

A.M. Petersen and O. Penner

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Exploiting citation networks for large-scale author name disambiguation

C. Schulz, A. Mazloumian, A.M. Petersen, O. Penner and D. Helbing

EPJ Data Science (2014)

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Point/Counterpoint: The future h-index is an excellent way to predict scientists’ future impact

D.E. Acuna, O. Penner, C.G. Orton.

Medical Physics 40:11 (2013)

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On the Predictability of Future Impact in Science

O. Penner, P.K. Pan, A.M. Petersen, K. Kaski and S. Fortunato

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The case for caution in predicting scientists’ future impact

O. Penner, R.K. Pan, A.M. Petersen, S. Fortunato

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Is Europe Evolving Toward an Integrated Research Area?

A. Chessa, A. Morescalchi, F. Pammolli, O. Penner, A.M. Petersen and M. Riccaboni

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Sequence Alignment, Mutual Information, and Dissimilarity Measures for Constructing Phylogenies

O. Penner, P. Grassberger and M. Paczuski

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Methods for detrending success metrics to account for inflationary and deflationary factors

A.M. Petersen, O. Penner and H.E. Stanley

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Node similarity within subgraphs of protein interaction networks

O. Penner, V. Sood, G. Musso, K. Baskerville, P. Grassberger and M. Paczuski

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Effect of dielectric polarization on the properties of charged point defects in insulating crystals: the nitrogen vacancy in AlN

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